Free Dental Consulation

Receive a complimentary 1:1 session with a dentist including an x-ray and oral examination.

We are committed to making sure your dental experience is comfortable, personalized, and affordable.

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Dental Implant Special - $2200

Our dental implants are extremely affordable starting at $2,200! Before the treatment, we'll provide you with a free dental consultation including x-rays and oral examinations to see if you qualify.

Our procedure process includes the following:

The implant body, the crown, and the abutment.

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Teeth Whitening Special - $50

Come in for a $50 teeth whitening special with proven results! We'll provide you with a free dental consultation as well.

If you have been disappointed with over the counter products, or if previous professional “one hour” dental whitening methods have produced less than desired results, come in today for a teeth whitening appointment. This is the most advanced tooth whitening technique available.

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Teeth Cleaning Special - $40

Come in for a teeth cleaning special on your first visit with us! We'll make sure that you also receive a free dental consultation with one of our dentists.

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Ortho Retainer / Mouth Guard Special - $10

We're offering a retainer or mouth guard at a fraction of the normal price! Come in for a free dental consultation and we'll get you set up with a new retainer or mouth guard within minutes!

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