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Orthodontics: Straighten Up and Shine

A beautiful smile is a valuable asset, and straight, evenly spaced teeth are a key component. The fact is, few of us can attribute a symmetrical smile to genetic good fortune, and many achieve this goal with the help of orthodontics. With multiple locations in the USA, UDream Dental emphasizes affordability and convenience for cosmetic and restorative dental care. Our experienced orthodontists utilize the latest techniques, including Invisalign® and porcelain braces, with appointments available 365 days a year. To schedule your appointment, contact us today.

What orthodontics options are available at UDream Dental?

The UDream Dental offers patients a choice of the most effective teeth straightening options available today. Modern parents understand the importance of helping children put their best smile forward, and with today’s discreet, invisible braces, more adults than ever are investing in straighter teeth. In some cases, our orthodontists treat the entire family, offering convenient appointments to accommodate everyone’s complicated schedule. From removable, invisible aligners to creative bands for kids and teens, we have braces and alternatives to suit every patient. In addition to traditional metal braces, some of our more popular orthodontic options include.

Aesthetic Porcelain Braces

Also known as ceramic or tooth-colored braces, these are similar to traditional metal braces, but offer more pleasing aesthetics. The bands are clear, so they blend in with your teeth and are less conspicuous than metal braces. The arch wire also blends with your teeth, and the overall look is similar to that of a retainer. Porcelain braces can be used for all levels of misalignment, but will usually take a little longer to straighten your teeth than metal braces.

What makes UDream Dental the best place to go for orthodontics?

There are very few dental offices that remain open seven days a week and 365 days a year, but at UDream Dental, patient convenience is our commitment. We want you to consider our full-service practice your family’s dental home for years to come. The UDream Dental offices are inviting spaces, filled with the most modern tools, technology, and amenities. Treatment rooms include streaming televisions and music, a perk that patients of all ages can enjoy.